Storm Damage

Hail DamageHail Damage roofing repairs

Will my insurance cover the damage?

Generally, homeowners’ insurance will cover anything directly damaged by wind or hail and interior damage it causes.
You must be able to pinpoint what caused the damage and when it occurred. This is where Ashley’s Roofing can help you process smoothly.



Our disaster recovery services:

  • Free inspection to determine if your roof is, in fact, damaged.
  • Direct assistance with your insurance company to assure all damage is assessed correctly and completely.
  • Expert craftsmanship with warranties for all repairs.
  • References available upon request

Benefits of working on your claim with Ashley’s Roofing:

  • Energy savings-Save money on your utility bills!
  • Beautify your home; impress the neighbours with a new exterior.
  • Make your siding MAINTENANCE FREE with premium vinyl siding.
  • I personally will meet with your adjuster to assist in the prompt and accurate resolution of your claim.
  • Every roof is torn off to wood decking.
  • All exterior projects completed to code.

Storm Damage
Hail damage to roofing varies based upon different factors other than size of the hail stones. Generally, hail stones start damaging roofs between 1″ and 1.25″. However, hail as small as .75″ can create roof damage if driven by significant wind. A hail-damaged roof will show signs of “collateral damage” to the soft metals and “bruising” of the shingle. A depression will be evident at the point of the hail stone impact, and granules will be displaced. The matting or fibres of the shingle do not have to be severed or broken to cause serious issues with your roof.

Damaged roofStorm damage to your home can be caused by several weather elements such as hail, wind and lightning. While hail damage will certainly cause your roof to fail prematurely and quickly deteriorate, wind damage may have a more immediate impact. Wind damage can occur at as little as a 25 mph wind gust, depending upon the age and condition of your shingles. The typical wind resistance of a builder grade shingle in good condition is between 50 and 65 mph. Severe thunderstorms regularly generate winds in excess of 50 mph, causing wind damage to homes in their path. Most homeowners do not have their homes inspected regularly for storm damage and overlook hidden damages that can be easily detected by a trained professional. The unfortunate fact is that although your homeowner’s insurance policy covers wind and hail, you are only allowed 365 days from the date of the storm to file a claim. Homeowners that did not have their home inspected by a trained professional may be left with unforeseen mould in their attic, walls and insulation; and your chance to file a claim to repair the damages may already have expired. This has been the misfortune of many frustrated homeowners; however we offer our free inspection services so you and your family can avoid these issues. Our trained inspectors are trained to inspect for storm damage.

Structural roof damage and mould can be caused by even the smallest amount of storm damage such as a few missing shingle tabs. Depending upon the pitch of your roof, this may not be visible from the ground and can go undetected for years. Interior damage may not be noticeable until major structural damage has already occurred.

Ashley’s Roofing has a roof inspector to determine the extent of the damage to your home. If your home is damaged, we can assist you through the claims process to insure that you receive a fair and accurate resolution to your claim. Our field representatives will guide you every step of the way with services such as;

Initial storm damage inspection

  • Providing you with a detailed report of the damages
  • Meeting your adjuster on the property to discuss the damages and method of repairs
  • Detailed explanation of the insurance estimate and documents
  • Assisting you in the selection of the new products to be installed on your home
  • Excellent craftsmanship on the installation of quality building products
  • Completion of all repairs with nothing out of your pocket except your deductible
  • Slating, Tiling, Flat Roofs
  • Felting, Facias
  • Soffits, Guttering, Lead work
  • Insurance Work Undertaken
  • Domestic & Commercial
  • Free Estimates On Request
  • Excellent Value For Money